Jaap Stolk jwstolk at
Sat Jun 24 04:28:58 CDT 2006

On 6/24/06, Jaap Stolk <jwstolk at> wrote:
> here is the log after remofing the tag altogether:
> (I had to ctrl-c wine, autocad did not shutdown by itself, so I think
> things are improving.)
> $ grep -i ':ntoskrnl:' all_log_no_tag.txt
> 000f:trace:ntoskrnl:ExAllocatePoolWithTag (1 16 <tag>), semi-stub
> 000f:trace:ntoskrnl:ExFreePool (0x401fcc18)

It looks like something is randomly failing here. I just created a new
+all log file, but this time there is no reference to ntoskrnl at all.
I'm going to run a full memory check just to rule things out :-)

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