Jaap Stolk jwstolk at
Sat Jun 24 05:51:33 CDT 2006

found another one :-)
I reconstructed the debug output mixed with the wine log:

Unhandled exception: page fault on read access to 0x00000000 in 32-bit
code (0x4062de4e).
Register dump:
  CS:0023 SS:002b DS:002b ES:002b FS:003b GS:0033
  EIP:4062de4e ESP:4074fc2c EBP:4074fe08 EFLAGS:00010212(   - 00      - RIA1)
  EAX:4062de4c EBX:4063c8c4 ECX:400d03e8 EDX:0000004b
  ESI:4074fd81 EDI:00000000
Stack dump:
0x4074fc2c:  40622e4a 00000020 4074fd80 00000078
0x4074fc3c:  00000000 400d040f 400d042d 400d07e7
0x4074fc4c:  00000078 400d07e7 4063c940 00000020
0x4074fc5c:  083c7748 00000000 00ff4007 401fcb80
0x4074fc6c:  401fcac0 00000000 00000000 00000000
0x4074fc7c:  00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
=>1 0x4062de4e ImagePath+0x4fc in ntoskrnl (0x4062de4e)
  2 0x406226c9 __wine_spec_exe_entry+0x12d(peb=0x400d0800)
in ntoskrnl (0x406226c9)
  3 0x40374eef start_process+0x11b(arg=0x0)
[/home/jaap/wine-git/dlls/kernel/process.c:832] in kernel32
  4 0x4001c233 wine_switch_to_stack+0x17 in (0x4001c233)
0x4062de4e ImagePath+0x4fc in ntoskrnl: imull	$0x20642528,0x0(%edi),%edx
Module	Address			Debug info	Name (41 modules)
ELF	0x40605000-4063e000	Stabs           ntoskrnl<elf>
  \-PE	0x40610000-4063e000	\               ntoskrnl

I'm not very experienced with Linux debug outputs but I assume
"ImagePath+0x4fc" is somewhere after "static const WCHAR ImagePath[]"
in ntoskrnl.c

So the problem is somewhere in  load_driver( ). Is there a way to
narrow it down a bit more?


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