An RPM of wine with safedisc support

Vijay Kiran Kamuju infyquest at
Sat Jun 24 09:32:16 CDT 2006

Can you tell us what are all the specific pathces went in to this rpm
with releated to safedisc?

I know that Vitaly's ntoskernel patch is isn, what else.


On 6/24/06, ivanleo at <ivanleo at> wrote:
> Safedisc has now been working on wine for almost a year, but it'll
> still take some time before we get the code into winehq, so I've
> decided to build an RPM of wine with safedisc 1 support so users can
> play around with it, you can download it from
> Safedisc 2 and above are not supported. This is based on wine 0.9.16,
> however it isn't an official winehq release, and is provided on an as
> is basis. To run a safedisc protected game, you must run winecfg and
> set the drive type of your cdrom drive to "cdrom" in the drives tab.
> Yes, this sounds dumb, but it has to be done. Then run the game
> normally, and as long as you have an original CD (Ok, copies can work
> too but that's Macrovision's fault) in the drive, the game will start.
> Ivan.

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