Ivan Leo Puoti ivanleo at
Sat Jun 24 18:16:44 CDT 2006

Jaap Stolk wrote:
> from what I could google, code=c0000096 means that a privileged
> instruction was found.

This is to be expected. DispatchDeviceControl is the function in the driver which handles the IO for 
the kernel (in this case our fake kernel). If it's a driver it obviously must need to do something 
that has to be done in ring 0, such as running a privileged instruction. For safedisc, we have some 
hardware emulation which will run the privileged instructions it needs. What you'll probably have to 
do is find the instructions the particular driver needs (you can find it in 
c:\windows\system32\drivers) and emulate it somehow, which may or may not be possible.


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