[AppDb] stuff thats broken

Tony Lambregts tony.lambregts at gmail.com
Sun Jun 25 10:37:20 CDT 2006

Chris Morgan wrote:
>>> 5.)  If you add a hyperlink in a note it is broken with makesafe()
>>> turned on.
>> I'm not sure this has anything to do with makeSafe().  Right now makeSafe()
>> is effectively disabled and I've carefully reviewed the changes to
>> addAppNode.php but I can't see how any of the changes broke notes.
>> On my local machine after previewing a note I'm seeing any url I put in
>> prefixed by the current page url.  On the appdb when previewing everything
>> appears to be working correctly.
>> I think this may be a legit bug with the injection changes and I'll fix it
>> before committing.
> Just tested again here with the injection changes and hypertext(tested with a 
> url) in notes looks good to me.
> Chris

let me clarify that this is with makeSafe() turned on. IE male safe defined as this:

function makeSafe($var)
     $var = trim(addslashes($var));
     return $var;

This has nothing to do with magic_quotes. I have applied your 
magic_quotes_warning.patch and do not get the warning message that I should if 
get_magic_quotes_gpc() was on. I have this in my /etc/php.ini

; Magic quotes for incoming GET/POST/Cookie data.
magic_quotes_gpc = Off

The reason I have makeSafe() "turned on" is that I assume that eventually we 
will make it use addslashes() in it and I wanted to find any issues that doing 
so would produce in the course of testing.

What I have found is that input fields that use xinha have this issue when 
makeSafe() uses addslashes().

Does that help...

PS: I am still not finished testing the select/update/delete patch


Tony lambregts

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