An RPM of wine with safedisc support

Mike Hearn mike at
Sun Jun 25 12:40:29 CDT 2006

On Sat, 24 Jun 2006 15:22:42 +0100, ivanleo wrote:
> Safedisc 2 and above are not supported. 

Is the reason why not on the Wiki? Would be cool to get it there if not.

> To run a safedisc protected game, you must run winecfg and
> set the drive type of your cdrom drive to "cdrom" in the drives tab.
> Yes, this sounds dumb, but it has to be done.

It sounds dumb because it is dumb, it implies a big failure in our auto
detection code. I think the drive autodetect code I wrote was never
enabled was it, as we now use HAL anyway, but it seems we really need to
fix this bug ...

thanks -mike

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