SecuRom investigation

Martin Owen doctormo at
Sun Jun 25 17:54:19 CDT 2006

Currently it seems to create drives based on directory locations, but
there is no way of specifying what kind of drive it appears to be to
windows. perhaps this would help games identify the cdrom drive and
some games install of multiple discs. I can't help but feel wine has
no support for cd drives and depends on the file system in linux to do
the leg work.

On 6/25/06, n0dalus <n0dalus+wine at> wrote:
> On 6/25/06, Martin Owen <doctormo at> wrote:
> >
> >  which if we could get our hands on the source code would at least give us
> > more information about how this security works and may even allow us to work
> > around it perminently with in wine.
> >
> One easy way of improving compatibility with copy protections without
> any source code is to make all drives visible to wine applications
> appear to be SCSI. The main copy protections don't "work" on SCSI
> drives so the games are allowed to run unchecked. I'm not sure how
> hard this would be to setup in wine at the moment though.
> n0dalus.

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