Wine, Darwine, CodeWeavers-- Intel MacOS X

William Knop william.knop at
Sun Jun 25 18:38:26 CDT 2006

Hello all,
What's the story with wine on intel os x? It's barely mentioned in  
the wine wiki and on the darwine website (not at all on winehq). I'm  
under the impression darwine is concentrating on running wine on ppc/ 
darwin. I know codeweavers is working specifically on making wine on  
intel/darwin happen, however there is no status page anywhere.

Just from keeping up with the mailing list, I've gleaned that Quartz  
and Core Audio are being worked on, in addition to a stack alignment  
patch. They seem to be pretty far along, but I don't really know. Are  
there any other intel/darwin areas that require attention or are  
being worked on?

I'd like to add this info to the wine wiki. It seems odd that intel  
os x is sort of not officially recognized by wine, what with there  
being no mention of it on the download page, to do lists, or  
bugzilla... I know there're some politics involved, but it really  
should have more attention. Its existence is practically not even  
recognized by wine. At the least, that's turning away potential wine  
developers, and the thing is, the mac community could be all about  
wine with a little effort.


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