Wine, Darwine, CodeWeavers-- Intel MacOS X

William Knop william.knop at
Mon Jun 26 02:16:35 CDT 2006

I think you missed my point. I know people are working on it. The
problem is "a few people, including Codeweavers, are working on it,"
which is just about the sum-total of the information out there, is not
enough. There is very little information out there for potential
developers to know what's going on with wine and intel macos x. For
instance, a status page describing to-do items would be a start (I'm
going to add it to the wine wiki when I figure out what the status
is). It should be mentioned on winehq, so macos x developers know to
investigate further when they check wine out. Expecting people to dig
through the code or the mailing list is unreasonable. Is this really
only obvious to me?

I don't mean to be rude; I just see some easy ways to attract mac
people to wine. Wine is likely to be an important addition to mac
users' software base in the future. So many people want the "mac
experience," but have to run windows software. Many more people, I'd
say, than those who wanted the mac experience and the unix software
suite, and look at how popular fink is. It's a disservice to both
parties to not properly advertise.

On 6/25/06, Dan Kegel <dank at> wrote:
> William Knop writes:
> > What's the story with wine on intel os x?
> A few people, including Codeweavers, are working on it.
> More would be welcome.  There is no politics keeping
> people away, as far as I know.  If you run into any developer
> who says that politics is keeping him or her from
> submitting patches to wine-patches, please let me know.
> - Dan

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