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David Bialac dbialac at
Mon Jun 26 09:30:47 CDT 2006

I'm personally a relative Noop to Wine on Mac intel
development.  My goal has been to conquer the
threading issues that keep it from running most
modern-day apps, but I haven't really found  the
support (at least from the darwine email lists)
necessary to write this component.  About the only
place there I've contributed was on the have a
separate vs don't have a separate email list, which
IMHO if they have one PPC should be mentioned as when
I see the Darwine project I see it as one aimed at
Intel macs, not PPC.  That may be the reason that my
responses have gone quiet over there -- intel isn't a


--- James Hawkins <truiken at> wrote:

> On 6/26/06, William Knop <william.knop at>
> wrote:
> > I think you missed my point. I know people are
> working on it. The
> > problem is "a few people, including Codeweavers,
> are working on it,"
> > which is just about the sum-total of the
> information out there, is not
> > enough. There is very little information out there
> for potential
> > developers to know what's going on with wine and
> intel macos x. For
> > instance, a status page describing to-do items
> would be a start (I'm
> > going to add it to the wine wiki when I figure out
> what the status
> > is). It should be mentioned on winehq, so macos x
> developers know to
> > investigate further when they check wine out.
> Expecting people to dig
> > through the code or the mailing list is
> unreasonable. Is this really
> > only obvious to me?
> >
> You could just ask, "Hey, what's the status of Wine
> on Intel Max OS
> X?".  No one has really stepped up to work on that
> aspect of Wine,
> outside of Codeweavers, so there's not a whole lot
> of incentive to put
> this information up.  So if you're wanting to work
> on this, step up to
> the plate, and I'm sure we'll be more than willing
> to help.
> -- 
> James Hawkins

David Bialac
dbialac at

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