WoW broken for wine 0.9.16 Nvidia cards

nlaw at nlaw at
Mon Jun 26 15:34:34 CDT 2006


Just a quick question, WoW ( World of Warcraft ) was broken  (for Nvidia 
cards) with there latest software update. Is anybody working on fixing 
Wow (with Nvidia Cards) ( working fine with ATI ).

I just wondered if there was an opengl guru working on fixing this 
broken application ?. Or whether I should invest some time in learning 
more about the intricacies of wine and openg and NVidia !.. and fix it 
myself  ( my background is C and assembler (not Intel, but RT11 & Perkin 
Elmer)  ?

One of the users was asking about progress on fixing this app. I would 
like to respond back with some progress but suspect nobody is working on 
it :-(


Nick Law
Now where's that "Learn opengl/wine/graphics in 21 days" book ..*

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