keyboard keypress codepath

Saulius Menkevicius saulius.menkevicius at
Mon Jun 26 16:18:05 CDT 2006


Recently I've been trying to make MS Word work on my box, and just now
I've finally managed to do that without resorting to winetools etc.
(thanks to the work of msi.dll people).

Now the problem is that I use Lithuanian keyboard layout on my gnome
desktop and it doesn't properly "translate" some of the non-latin
letters (like 'ąčęėįųū'). When I press one of those MS Word shows 'a/A'
instead of 'ą/Ą', 'c/C' instead of 'č/Č', etc. Letter 'š/Š', though is
mapped correctly. Same things happen for capital letters too. [This mail
is supposed to be unicode one, sorry for those incapable of seeing those

It appears to be some mapping issue for letters that didn't have their
canonical mappings previously (or something, I'm not an expert on

Would anyone guide me with several sentences on where to look for those
mapping tables (or code) in wine source tree?


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