Patch: winex11drv create_cursor Loading 32bit rgba cursor image

Louis Lenders xerox_xerox2000 at
Tue Jun 27 02:21:31 CDT 2006

Mike Hearn <mike <at>> writes:

> Heya Pauli,
> A review is enclosed. To submit a patch please send it to
> the wine-patches list, where it'll enter Alexandres queue for review.
> Firstly I'm kind of surprised this doesn't require the XCursor extension.
> Handling the case of a solid alpha channel by converting it to a mask is
> fine but you should note with a FIXME cases where it doesn't work properly.

Any updates on this one? I found quite a bit of applications that suffer from
this bug, so i'd be really happy if some kind of fix went into cvs.  Thanks 

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