keyboard keypress codepath

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Tue Jun 27 06:19:36 CDT 2006

"Saulius Menkevicius" <saulius.menkevicius at> wrote:

> Now the problem is that I use Lithuanian keyboard layout on my gnome
> desktop and it doesn't properly "translate" some of the non-latin
> letters (like 'ąčęėįųū'). When I press one of those MS Word shows 'a/A'
> instead of 'ą/Ą', 'c/C' instead of 'č/Č', etc. Letter 'š/Š', though is
> mapped correctly. Same things happen for capital letters too. [This mail
> is supposed to be unicode one, sorry for those incapable of seeing those
> letters]

Make sure that your locale and X11 keyboard layout are set correctly.
Usually +x11drv,+key,+keyboard,+event log helps to debug the problems,
feel free to send the log to me, I'll help to figure out what is going on.


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