wineconsole not working (but wine worked for console app)

Dee Ayy dee.ayy at
Mon Jun 26 22:20:16 CDT 2006

Dear Wine Developers,
I tried to post this anonymously, but it wanted me to create an account:
In reply, some what confirmation of

My comments:
While reading the man page for wine, searching for how to run a Win32 exe
which needs a native dll, I noticed the instruction to run wineconsole for
my console executable.  So I ran "wineconsole my.exe" in wine-0.9.16 on Mac
OSX 10.4.6 on Intel Core Duo.  I received so many errors that they scrolled
across the shell too fast ad infinitum. I Quit the X11 xterm and figured I'd
try "wine my.exe" even though the man pages said to use wineconsole.

Regular "wine my.exe" actually worked.

Ahh, I just did a screen capture:
wineconsole scrolls by the infinite message,
"fixme:curses:WCCURSES_GetEvents Ooch. somebody beat us".

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