Freetype - Compile error when making a regression test

Augusto Arcoverde da Rocha agarobr.listas at
Wed Jun 28 15:17:33 CDT 2006

I found a way to fix this compile error.

I have deinstalled the package freetype2-dev (freetype 2.2.1) from my
Debian system and I got a "build complete" with the package libttf-dev
(freetype 1.5) already installed on my system.

It seems to be a conflict between two installed header versions.

After doing this I have got a segfault with gcc-4.1 when compiling
Wine 0.9.4 with freetype 1.5, but works using CC variable when calling
the configure script to change gcc version, like this:

/src/wine-0.9.4$ CC=gcc-3.3 ./configure


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