wine autorun utility

Ivan Leo Puoti ivanleo at
Wed Jun 28 23:49:23 CDT 2006

Segin Noname wrote:
  > So I wrote this little program.

To be totally honest I don't see the point, in 99.999% of CDs I've ever seen autorun starts some 
file in the root folder of the CD (start.exe, setup.exe, install.exe, runme.exe, in any case 
something obvious) and the CD usually comes with instructions telling you which one to run, so I 
don't see why one would look in the autorun.inf file in the first place, or run the cd with your 
program, when they could run the right exe directly. So your program would only be useful if it 
worked like the real autorun, pulled the CD drive every second or so, and automatically read the 
CD's autorun.inf and started the appropriate exe. Many people (including me) would find that 
annoying, but I guess it's a windows feature some people may like.


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