wine autorun utility

David D. Hagood wowbagger at
Thu Jun 29 08:48:31 CDT 2006

Vijay Kiran Kamuju wrote:
> hi,
> I think HAL for linux should handle the automatic mounting and
> autorunning it take care.
> So it should be a part of HAL.
> my 2 cents.

I strongly DISAGREE - as others have pointed out, the auto-running of 
CDs is a severe mis-feature of Windows, one which we should NOT duplicate.

Now, I could agree with the idea of a program that, upon receiving a 
DBUS notification of a CD insertion, looked to see if there was an 
autorun.inf file, and then *asked the user what to do*. IF the user then 
said "Yes, please run this disk" then the program would parse the 
autorun.inf file.

Ideally, such a program would also maintain a database of CDs already 
seen, and would allow the user to define an action for the CD that would 
happen automatically - an action that may have NOTHING to do with the CD 
itself. But the default action, for CDs never before seen should be "ask 
the user".

Equally ideally, there should be a standard for *nix autorun files, that 
would allow for a bit more than "infect^Wrun this" - something like an 
XML file describing the disk, a set of possible actions (run a script, 
run an existing program, perform some "standard action" like "play as 
DVD", "run music program"), and the "autorun" program would be part of 
the operating environment, and would present a meaningful menu to the user.

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