[Tools/Wine.inf] Set Internet Explorer version

Maarten Lankhorst M.B.Lankhorst at gmail.com
Wed Jun 28 15:51:11 CDT 2006

Sven Paschukat schreef:
> Maarten Lankhorst schrieb:
>> Windows seems to set internet explorer only during a new installation 
>> or upgrade of internet explorer, so I put it in wine.inf, which 
>> seemed appropriate.
>> Changelog:
>> Set version strings for Internet Explorer so programs dependent on it 
>> can install.
> This breaks installation of real IE. Setting version to IE 5.5 would 
> give the users a chance to install at least version 6.0.
> BTW, you should fix the typo in the third line.
> Sven
The program I put this in for was msn messenger 7.0, which requires ie 
6.0 to work. With this msn works fine, but this brings up a bigger question.

Should we require that people install Internet Explorer or should we put 
in patches that increase application compatibility with vanilla wine?

Personally I favor to put this patch in, and let people that want to 
install native internet explorer to change these strings through 
registry modifying. I feel that we shouldn't need to rely on something 
that needs a windows license in order for programs to work under wine.


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