wine autorun utility

Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at
Thu Jun 29 23:13:31 CDT 2006

Thursday, June 29, 2006, 8:33:24 PM, Chris wrote:
> On Thursday 29 June 2006 07:49, you wrote:
>> what is the gain of autorun, while i dont have wine running? would not
>> the common user expect, once she knows, that wine support autorun.inf,
>> that she can insert a cd and away it goes? while the explorer.exe is
>> not running permanently - e.g. via xinitrc - then i still would have to
>> deal with starting my setup.exe by hand. i have my doubts, that wine is
>> the correct place to implement this - but something like hotplugd or
>> whatevernowadaysdoesthetrickwithcdroms should handle this?

> One could think of Wine as a service, and start it with X if they wanted, so 
> they could then run Windows programs whenever they wanted with potentially 
> faster startup times, and with Windows "features" like autorun, and with a 
> persistant Windows state (eg. instead of being shut down when all Windows 
> programs close, it would stay around until Wine itself is explicitly 
> stopped). Or, like me currently, they could run a Windows desktop/taskbar 
> replacement in a Wine virtual desktop with managed windows off on a seperate 
> X desktop and pretend to have Windows running along side X.

> I'd think if Wine were trying to "emulate" Windows as much as possible, it'd 
> be backwards to not have autorun capabilities. As I said before, autorun.inf 
> needs to be parsed anyway since it can define an icon to use for the drive, 
> so if you're going to automatically parse it to load an icon, why not also 
> ask (one time only) if the user wants to turn autorun on or off to run the 
> defined program?

Gee sounds like a "great" idea. We all waiting too see some patches...

It sure would be cool to have:
- Multiuser Wine
- Wine stable enough to run as service (err hmm whatever the hell that means...
  ah you mean daemon ?)
- Run something more complicated then 'printf("hello world\n");' without X
- Talk to WMs to show icons and ask questions.

Chris if you think that autostart is such a great idea - you are very welcome to
start sending patches in. And if they are reasonable enough they might get in.
But if you want to rant about that Linux doesn't have some absolutely required
"feature" that windows has - this not the right place.


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