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Troy Rollo wine at
Fri Jun 30 00:08:11 CDT 2006

On Friday 30 June 2006 14:52, William Knop wrote:

> Um hold on a second. Clearly many developers have different ideas
> about what's reasonable.

Actually I don't think that's true. As far as I can see all of the 
*developers* participating in this thread agreed that autorun (1) is a bad 
idea and should not be implemented, and (2) is on the other side of the 
demarcation line between Wine and the desktop environment.

I would be surprised if any significant number of developers disagreed with 
these two points. As for the first, it reflects the difference between 
Windows' security model and the Unix/Linux security model (the difference 
being that the latter systems actually have a model deserving of the 
label "security"). As for the second, an end user may well not understand the 
distinction between Wine's role and that of the desktop environment, but a 
developer should. Wine is for making Windows applications (and native 
applications coded to the Windows API) run - I am not aware of any developer 
who thinks it should be a complete reimplementation of Windows.

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