[AppDb] update the comments in some files

Jonathan Ernst jonathan at ernstfamily.ch
Fri Jun 30 01:02:59 CDT 2006

Le jeudi 29 juin 2006 à 12:43 -0400, Chris Morgan a écrit :
> Why not replace the require_once() with requires instead of putting it on the 
> todo?

Because we have to check that it nevers poses a problem (for example if
the file is included elsewhere), so that's another patch entierly.

> We don't really need the $aClean TODO item since thats high on the priority 
> list at the moment and we'll just end up removing it in a day or two right?

i don't like to rediff it, we'll have to remove the aClean one by one to
be sure that it's not posing problems too so that we can remove the todo
elements one by one in the files.

> The move of show_note() into its class is on my todo list for class cleanups 
> today or tomorrow as well.  

Excellent, you'll remove the todo item at the same time then.

> Basically I think we can do without the todo notes for now since most of it is 
> in the process of being fixed.  The rest of the comments look good though.

Please don't refuse this patch because of this, I don't want to rediff


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