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Fri Jun 30 01:18:38 CDT 2006

On Friday 30 June 2006 15:47, William Knop wrote:

> 2) The line you refer to I believe would put detecting media inserts
> on the desktop environment side, and the parsing and execution of
> windows autorun inf files on the wine side.

This is not true. The existing action-on-CD-insertion programs provided by the 
desktop environment try to detect the contents of the CD to see what they 
should do, so they will be looking for the autorun.inf file. Additionally the 
autorun.inf file format is designed to include specifications of different 
commands for multiple environments, so if autorun.inf files are to be 
respected at all it makes sense that they should also be able to start a 
native Linux executable or shell script (discovered from an 
[autorun.linux.i386] section, for example).

There is nothing in this that requires or enhances the Win32 API facilities 
that Wine seeks to provide. Only once the native Windows executable has been 
identified as the only (or best) target for autorun would Wine become 
involved, when the program in the desktop environment invoked Wine to run the 

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