Debugging string comparison problem

Juan Lang juan_lang at
Fri Jun 30 09:26:19 CDT 2006

> You missed the two collation_table lookups.

You're right, I did miss that.

> Note that on Windows using CompareString on L"\0001\0002" and 
> L"\0002\0001" gives a result of CSTR_EQUAL, so I don't think the bug is 
> in the collation tables.

Really?  For which locale, and which version of Windows?  For US English,
on WinXP, it returns CSTR_LESS_THAN for me.  Here's a quick proggie:

    BSTR str1 = SysAllocStringLen(L"\0001\0002", 2);
    BSTR str2 = SysAllocStringLen(L"\0002\0001", 2);

    printf("VarBstrCmp returns %ld\n", VarBstrCmp(str1, str2, lcid, 0));
    printf("CompareStringW returns %d\n",
     CompareStringW(lcid, 0, str1, 2, str2, 2));

The output is:
VarBstrCmp returns 0
CompareStringW returns 1


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