riched20: corrected EM_GETLINE and wrong hWnd patches (combined into one)

Krzysztof Foltman wdev at
Fri Jun 30 17:01:41 CDT 2006

James Hawkins wrote:

> I've just looked at this patch and the previous patch Thomas sent in,
> and saying that this is roughly based on his patch is putting it
> lightly.

The EM_GETLINE code is completely changed (I haven't even seen his "new" 
implementation - - 
before sending the patch in, and the old one was the one Alexandre wrote 
it needed fixing). Actually knowing about that patch would save me an 
hour or so of unnecessary work.

The testing code is by Thomas and is completely unchanged, too. Yes, I 
should have emphasized that in the change log. But it wasn't meant to 
rip him off.

> I see that you've added the 1.0 emulation change, but that
> doesn't warrant you putting your name on his patch.

I guess, let him decide about that.

> then add your code in a new patch, or to make him aware of the
> problems in his implementation,

The fact is:

- he sent the original patch long time ago, and he didn't fix the 
problems until very recently (because Alexandre only told us about the 
problem after I reminded him about his patch?)

- the mail from Alexandre about the patch being wrong was explicitly 
addressed to me, so with lack of reaction from Thomas I assumed I should 
update the patch

- "my" cleanup was created *independently* from the new (see above) 
patch from Thomas, and I'm not even sure which version I like more (the 
new version from Thomas is more compact, and multiplying nCopy by 
current character size may not be as patch-reject-prone as I initially 
thought, given Alexandre's stance about nBPC trick)

- the cleanup involved removing lots of the original code and replacing 
it by my own (only in EM_GETLINE handler, not in the test code) - just 
compare the old vs "my" version; that's why I decided to add "roughly"

- I think I have enough of "genuinely mine" and rather complex code in 
riched20 (like initial versions of style management, display, wrapper) 
to not be suspected of wanting to take credit for a loop doing 
(essentially) strcat and p=p->next, that I didn't code from scratch, at 
cost of Thomas :)

> missing feature, but either way, he deserves credit for the code he
> wrote, and not just saying that your code was based off of his.

He obviously does. The previous version of the patch (which I re-sent) 
HAS his name as the sole author of the changes.


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