Link or rename wcmd.exe to cmd.exe?

Thomas Kho tkho at
Fri Jun 30 17:27:29 CDT 2006

I'd like to restart this old thread
which brings up the point that there are applications that hard-code
cmd.exe and (sometimes intentionally) ignore COMSPEC.

One example is Perl, which has the following comment in win32/win32.c:
        /* we don't use COMSPEC here for two reasons:
         *  1. the same reason perl on UNIX doesn't use SHELL--rampant and
         *     uncontrolled unportability of the ensuing scripts.
         *  2. PERL5SHELL could be set to a shell that may not be fit for
         *     interactive use (which is what most programs look in COMSPEC
         *     for).

I'm currently looking into what would be required for something like a
symlink to wcmd.exe, but at the same time I'm wondering the historical
reasons for choosing 'wcmd' and if it should be changed to just 'cmd'.

Thomas Kho

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