New d3d8 code and FFXIBench3 - pretty good!

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Wed Mar 1 02:05:20 CST 2006

> Hi. I've been dealing with a program that seems to be very slow at
> Blitting images onto a D3D surface. Unfortunately, this is not my code
> so I can't fix it. Would the above mentioned BltFast/CopyRect patches
> deal with code that attempts to provide this feature?
Is it ddraw or d3d8/d3d9? Do you have an radeon card? glDrawPixels is pretty 
slow on that cards. BltFast won't fix that, it needs a better UnlockRect 
implementation in WineD3D. I tried to do that, but I failed because of a lack 
of gl knowledge, but I'll make another attempt sooner or later?
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