New d3d8 code and FFXIBench3 - pretty good!

Aric Cyr Aric.Cyr at
Wed Mar 1 04:14:40 CST 2006

Raphael <fenix <at>> writes:

> But we must fix all the RGB v.s. BGR problems

I'll submit a patch for this when I get home.  I verified it with Age of
Mythology and the latest CVS (well, from a few days ago).  There are just a
couple of mistakes in d3d8/utils.c (whoops this file is gone now, great!) and
wined3d/utils.c that need fixing, although I don't know if my patch covers all
cases, it certainly works for RGB888, RGB565, RGB332 (8bpp rgb).

For those intested here is a quick patch against dlls/wined3d/utils.c, I'll
submit an "official" one to wine-patches later, in the meantime feedback is

--- dlls/wined3d/utils.c.orig        2006-03-01 19:09:08.000000000 +0900
+++ dlls/wined3d/utils.c     2006-03-01 19:09:32.000000000 +0900
@@ -1703,9 +1703,9 @@
         case WINED3DFMT_Q8W8V8U8:         retVal = GL_RGBA; break;
         case WINED3DFMT_Q16W16V16U16:     retVal = GL_COLOR_INDEX; break;
             /* color buffer */
-        case WINED3DFMT_R3G3B2:           retVal = GL_BGR; break;
-        case WINED3DFMT_R5G6B5:           retVal = GL_BGR; break;
-        case WINED3DFMT_R8G8B8:           retVal = GL_BGR; break;
+        case WINED3DFMT_R3G3B2:           retVal = GL_RGB; break;
+        case WINED3DFMT_R5G6B5:           retVal = GL_RGB; break;
+        case WINED3DFMT_R8G8B8:           retVal = GL_RGB; break;
         case WINED3DFMT_A1R5G5B5:         retVal = GL_BGRA; break;
         case WINED3DFMT_X1R5G5B5:         retVal = GL_BGRA; break;
         case WINED3DFMT_A4R4G4B4:         retVal = GL_BGRA; break;


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