wined3d: Fix compile for older OpenGL headers.

Raphael fenix at
Wed Mar 1 17:02:41 CST 2006

On Wednesday 01 March 2006 11:48, Vitaly Budovski wrote:
> H. Verbeet wrote:
> > Although #ifdef GL_VERSION_2_0 will make compilation work with older
> > OpenGl headers, it's not the way to fix this. Basically, wined3d
> > should check for functionallity during runtime with GL_SUPPORT and
> > call extensions with GL_EXTCALL. The issue has come up a few times
> > before with patches from the same author, and I think he should be
> > aware of the issue by now.
> That takes care of functions as part of an OpenGL extension.
> What about core functions of a newer GL version? Would all of
> those need to be defined in the wined3d_gl.h file?

i forget :)

We shouldn't have no more built-time checks 
as example: #if defined(GL_VERSION_1_3)
We always must use runtime checks

So WineD3D_GL_Info::gl_version must be correctly filled (isn't initialised for 
now) and used

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