Recently created font problem - anyone see similar?

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Thu Mar 2 22:16:34 CST 2006

"Dr J A Gow" <J.A.Gow at> wrote:

> I found that the following patch, committed to CVS on 23/02/06
> at 20:33:06 made all my Wine system fonts squashed up and unreadable, which
> in turn made a mess of formatting in some dialog boxes. I backed the
> patch out from a current tree and the problem went away. Anyone else see
> this behaviour? I am wondering what the purpose of this patch is as
> the fonts were quite OK before it was committed, and now they are
> completely unreadable on this system. Any thoughts before I submit a
> patch to put this back the way it was?

This usially means that you have no Wine bitmap fonts installed in windows/fonts.
I sent a patch to wineprefixcreate to install them by default, by Alexandre
rejected it.


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