[wininet] More wininet tests InternetQueryOption and InternetSetOption - Corrected

Vijay Kiran Kamuju infyquest at gmail.com
Fri Mar 3 01:17:11 CST 2006

This is a detailed reply to ur mail.

On 2/27/06, Detlef Riekenberg <wine.dev at web.de> wrote:
> Am Mittwoch, den 22.02.2006, 23:13 +0530 schrieb Vijay Kiran Kamuju:
> > Any thing wrong with this patch.
> > Any Comments (expecting a lot)
> >
> As you asked me, i took a look on this Patch.
> For my winspool-Patches, i was told to check the documented behavior and
> only check undocumented behavior, when an Application relies on this
> undocumented effect.
> It's of course a good Idea, to print as much Informations as possible,
> when a test Failed (err in your case).
> When i add a new Test, I add a trace after every tested API-Call,
> compile the Test on linux with the mingw-crosstools as Windows-Binary
> (make -C dlls/your_dllname_here/tests crosstest) and run that Binary on
> all Windows-Versions that I have. After an update to the Parameter and
> the Text for ok(), I do the tests on Windows again.
> Then I test that Binary on wine. When there are no Failures left, i
> remove the traces, compile again, test again, and after a final test in
> wine with (make -C dlls/your_dllname_here/tests test), the diff is
> created.
> - Your Test did not apply here, so i merged the patch by cut & paste.
>   (malformed Patch)
> - I get 5 Failures on wine. (make -C dlls/wininet/tests test)
> +  hinet = InternetOpenA(useragent,INTERNET_OPEN_TYPE_DIRECT,NULL,NULL,
> 0);
> +  ok((hinet != 0x0),"InternetOpen Failed\n");
> - Please use (hinet != NULL) here, or is MSDN wrong (value / pointer)?
> - Does the other tests work, when InternetOpenA failed, or is it more
>   useful to return from the test here?
Just copied from http tests
> +  SetLastError(0xdeadbeef);
> +  retval=InternetSetOptionA(hinet,INTERNET_OPTION_USER_AGENT, &inagent,
> sizeof(inagent));
> +  err=GetLastError();
> +  ok(retval == 1,"Got wrong return value %d\n",retval);
> +  ok(err == 0xdeadbeef, "Got wrong error code %ld\n",err);
> For the Example above, my Idea is:
>  ok(retval, "returned %d with %ld (expected '!= 0')\n", retval, err);
Well due our partial implementation, we have not correctly implemented
returning all the error states.
Hence it requires seperate tests for error messages.
> +  len=0;
> +  SetLastError(0xdeadbeef);
> +  buffer=HeapAlloc(GetProcessHeap(),0,len);
> +  retval =
> InternetQueryOptionW(hinet,INTERNET_OPTION_USER_AGENT,buffer,&len);
> +  err=GetLastError();
> +  ok(buffer != NULL,"Output Buffer Should Not be Set");
> +  todo_wine ok(len == 38,"Got wrong user agent length %ld instead of %d
> \n",len,38);
> +
> - You use HeapAlloc with a len of 0 and than the test "buffer != NULL":
>   This is a Test for HeapAlloc
How to create a buffer with zero length
does simple buffer = NULL suffice, i dont think so
> - InternetQueryOptionW is not implemented in win95/98/me
Will put a check for that once the base gets thru.
> - Please avoid fixed numbers. When someone changes the Agent-Name,
>   the complete Test must be reworked.
In most other tests we use basenumbers as well, i dont prefer using
other functions in it.
If there is a bug in their implementation, this test get affected.
Each test case should be independent and atomic
> For the tests of the W-Functions:
> I was told, that i should test the Unicode-Functions only, when there
> are other results as from the ANSI-Version. Since our ANSI -
> Implementations should call the Unicode-Function, the ANSI-Test
> validates both Implementations.
> (Yes, i knew that the Implementation in wine is sometimes wrong: we have
> Crosscalls W->A and some Unicode-Functions are stubs while the
> ANSI-Versions are implemented)
I am testing the both Unicode and Ansi Versions.
If u are concerned about SetOptionW, i have made tests for this
because our implementation for it is flawed.
> +  WideCharToMultiByte(CP_ACP,0,(WCHAR *)buffer,-1,tmpbuffer,len,0,0);
> + todo_wine ok(!strcmp(inagent,tmpbuffer),"Got wrong user agent string %
> s instead of %s\n",tmpbuffer,inagent);
> - This Test failed on Windows XP
Have to look into this.
How to Compare char string and wchar string.
> + retval = InternetSetOptionW(NULL,INTERNET_OPTION_USER_AGENT,
> &inpbuffer, sizeof(inpbuffer));
> You use ANSI-Parameter for an UNICODE-Function.
This is a test for bad programming ;)
> You can take a look at the Tests for winspool/GetPrinterDriverDirectory
> - A test with the documented use to get the required size for the Buffer
>   (buffersize=0)
> - A test with documented use (all Options valid)
> - Buffer is larger (must succeed)
> - Buffer is to small (must fail with a specific ERROR_*)
>   (Other Functions may truncate the returned Data)
> - without a buffer (NULL), but with the correct buffersize.
>   This is for testing the API, when the app was unable to allocate
>   the Buffer, but did not check the Result of the allocation.
I will look into them
> So there are some Reasons, why the test is not Ready yet.
> I read the Docs about InternetQueryOption on MSDN and IMHO there are so
> many Documented values for dwOption, that I suggest to start with a
> testing-table and fill it with all of our implemented Options for
> InternetQueryOption / InternetSetOption.
> We have then a complete Test of our wininet-Implementation with only a
> small amount of code. The Table can grow very easy, when Applications
> use Options that we need to implement.

I  wrongly chose to implement the INTERNET_OPTION_USER_AGENT, hence i
am writing the tests for those.
So that my implementation gets thru.
I have tests for other options also in my mind.
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>       ... Detlef

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