Launch native Linux apps?

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Fri Mar 3 02:15:39 CST 2006

> Is it possible to set Wine up so that it can launch native Linux apps?  For
> example, set your native copy of Acrobat Reader to be associated to PDF
> extensions in Wine, or even use the Linux plugin while using a browser?
I have done this with Kmail and others. You have to add a few registry keys in 
HKCL and HKLM. Basically, you can launch any Linux app from wine by it's full 
path and pass command line arguments. There's of course the problem of 
converting Windows paths to Unix paths.

At my Kmail registry entries are 
described. For examples how to use Open Office, you have to google.

I don't think that executing a Linux Plugin in a Win32 browser is possible, 
but cossover allows you to do the reverse.

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