WSH, WMI scripts

Sreenivas Tatti sreenivas at
Fri Mar 3 05:26:43 CST 2006

Hi Mike,
You could have understood my requirement. I am looking at WINE to get
this thing done. If not supported in WINE, then what other possible way,
I can achieve this. I have to do some windows registry modifications and
start/stop/query about windows services from a Linux box.
I have to remotely install my agent on a windows box. That is my goal.
Thanks in anticipation.
With regards,

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Sreenivas Tatti wrote:

> I have a requirement that, I should run WSH and WMI scripts in Linux 
> environment in order to do some registry changes on a remote machine
> start/stop/query windows services on a remote machine. 

It's unlikely to work, as DCOM (OLE over the network) does not work, and

Wine currently has no builtin support for WSH/WMI.


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