WSH, WMI scripts

Vassilis Virvilis vasvir at
Fri Mar 3 06:45:34 CST 2006

Sreenivas Tatti wrote:
> Hi Mike,
> You could have understood my requirement. I am looking at WINE to get
> this thing done. If not supported in WINE, then what other possible way,
> I can achieve this. I have to do some windows registry modifications and
> start/stop/query about windows services from a Linux box.
> I have to remotely install my agent on a windows box. That is my goal.
> Thanks in anticipation.
> With regards,
> Sreenivas

It is absolutely unrelated to wine and completely off topic but since you
asked why don't you install cygwin to the remote machines and do the
staff you want to do with ssh and some local scripting. I mean if
you can do it from a dos prompt, ok a cmd prompt, then you have to be
able to do it with a ssh connection remotely and in a secure manner too.


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