[d3d8] regression between 0.9.8 and 0.9.9 in Age of Mythology

Aric Cyr aric.cyr at gmail.com
Sat Mar 4 04:25:44 CST 2006

It seems that during the porting of d3d8 to use wined3d some of there
was some breakage.  Age of Mythology was working fine, but now all
vertex data is totally messed up (2D is menus and stuff is fine).  It
has been this way in CVS for the past few days, when I first noticed
it.  I thought it might be my local changes so I didn't report it, but
testing with the new 0.9.9 it had the same behavior (i.e. not my fault

After debugging things for a while it seems that problem lies in
vertex data with RHW set.  It seems that AoM is using all pre-lit and
pre-transformed vertex data and this is not being processes properly. 
I think the problem is with drawprim.c:drawStridedSlow() but I haven't
been able to figure out exactly where yet.  If anyone has any ideas
(or patches!) I'd be glad to help debug.


Aric Cyr <Aric.Cyr at gmail dot com>    (http://acyr.net)

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