Alexandre Julliard : configure: Use --rpath if supported when building binaries to point to

Vitaly Lipatov lav at
Sat Mar 4 06:56:05 CST 2006

В сообщении от 2 марта 2006 07:29 Dan Kegel написал(a):
> Vitaly wrote:
> >Build system in ALT Linux has strict requires to use rpath and last
> > changes in wine conflicts with it.
> Can you explain more about ALT Linux's build system and rpath?
During package build files installs to buildroot dir not root dir. Some 
projects push full path to buildroot in rpath. It is forbidden.

> Does it disallow all use of rpath by applications?
It is forbidden to use rpath until it really needed.
I do not see as rpath will be useful in rpm package.

Vitaly Lipatov, ALT Linux Team
Russia, Saint-Petersburg,

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