DirectDraw -> WineD3D patch and Wine-0.9.9

Dimitry Naldayev dimitryn at
Sat Mar 4 08:37:49 CST 2006

Stefan Dösinger <stefandoesinger at> writes:

> Hi,
> I've brought my DirectDraw over WineD3D patch in a form where I want to show 
> it to the public for review. I've uploaded it to 
>, where it is described in detail(below 
> the game list).
> If there are no fundamental objections against it, I'll start sending patches 
> for WineD3D. The changes I'll make in small patches :) are:
> -> Header fixes, that wined3d_interface.h can be included with d3d.h
> -> Adding methods to WineD3D for DirectDraw rendering
> -> Adding the 2D only surface implementation to WineD3D
> When WineD3D is ready, I'll send a patch for dlls/ddraw to wine-devel and 
> wine-user for a broad regression testing, and when the regressions are out, 
> the ddraw can be replaced(From my POV, AJ has the last word of course ;) )
Is this patch included in Wine-0.9.9 ?
The summary for Wine-0.9.9 say "+ Direct3D 8 and 9 now use the same code"
or this is separate thing from yours patch ?


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