[d3d8] regression between 0.9.8 and 0.9.9 in Age of Mythology

Roderick Colenbrander thunderbird2k at gmx.net
Sun Mar 5 04:18:00 CST 2006

> Yes I noticed that the new code was always 1c4 as well, but hadn't
> gone back to see what the old code was doing.  But 1c4 definitely
> seems wrong since the vertex coordinates are all messed up and invalid
> according to MSDN.  For example z is supposed to be [0,1] but I get
> large values, and rhw is also supposed to be between [0,1/MaxVertexW]
> but I was getting negative values.  I'll look into the FVF code more.

I think that those 'wrong' values appear in the cases where 0x1c4 shouldn't
be used. The fvf is set by the SetFVF call which is called from d3d8's
SetVertexShader. (the comment in drawprim.c saying that the fvf needs to be
set in the stateblock from d3d's SetVertexShader can be ignored I think as
it appears that's already done by this call) The FVF received by SetFVF is
the vertex shader itself. I think something goes wrong with selecting the
vertex shader but I haven't looked at this yet.


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