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Sun Mar 5 15:02:18 CST 2006

On Saturday 04 March 2006 12:32, Segin wrote:

> >For protection in countries which are signatories to the UCC but NOT
> >the Berne Convention (I don't know of any offhand), the year and name


> Ok, but you still need to put the copyright year/holder's name in a
> certain order, as your last paragraph said.  Just not nessessrary for
> most countries.

Since accession to the Berne Convention is a requirement for membership of the 
WTO, parties (not signatories, which is a different thing with little 
practical meaning) to the UCC who are not parties to the Berne Convention are 
such a small set now that it is probably not worth worrying about. These days 
the copyright notice has more value as: a means of giving credit; a means of 
letting others know who they need to ask if they wish to do something outside 
the license; and a method to assist distant future users of materials in 
identifying when a work enters the public domain.
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