World of Warcraft 0.10 Public Test Realm (PTR)

Tomas Carnecky tom at
Sun Mar 5 15:20:48 CST 2006

Tomas Carnecky wrote:
> so.. I know where the problem is.. WoW loads its own Survey.dll which
> requires ddraw.dll, ddraw initializes itself and during that it creates
> a drawable and a context and calls glXMakeCurrent(). After some tests
> WoW unloads ddraw.dll but someone (ddraw, wine or WoW) fails to activate
> the old drawable and context, eg. call glXMakeCurrent() with the real
> window and rendering context.
> a trace with +x11drv,+x11settings,+ddraw,+loaddll is in the attachment..
> in a full trace with +opengl,+ddraw,+loaddll I can see that there is no
> wglMakeCurrent call after the ddraw dll is unloaded

for those who can't wait to login into the PTR, here is a little patch
that disables opengl support in ddraw, so ddraw won't call
glXMakeCurrent(). It's a really ugly solution, but at least now we can
try to login into the PTR.

The better solution would be to save the old drawable and context and
reactivate it after ddraw initilizes opengl. Or whatever the ddraw
author comes up with :-)

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