FONTS: fix Courier font

Huw D M Davies h.davies1 at
Mon Mar 6 13:24:11 CST 2006

On Mon, Mar 06, 2006 at 07:02:47PM +0300, Vitaly Lipatov wrote:
> В сообщении от 6 марта 2006 17:27 Вы написали:
> > "Vitaly Lipatov" <lav at> wrote:
> > > > What are you trying to fix?
> > >
> > > There is screenshot from notepad with Courier font selected  in
> > > attachment.
> >
> > Do you see the same problem with Windows font?
> No, only with WINE's courier without my path

Looks like this might be a fontforge or FreeType problem.  Windows
courier at 13 ppem should have an ascent of 11 and a descent of 2,
which is what we have in the .sfd.  Now, when I run sfnt2fnt on the
generated .ttf I get an ascent of 13, ppem of 13 and hence a descent
of 0.

I'm not going to have time to look into this soon, so please feel free
to investigate more.

Huw Davies
huw at

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