KERNEL32: Improve descriptions

Kuba Ober kuba at
Mon Mar 6 14:12:50 CST 2006

> > > -UINT WINAPI GetTempFileNameW( LPCWSTR path, LPCWSTR prefix,
> > > UINT unique, LPWSTR buffer ) +UINT WINAPI GetTempFileNameW(
> > > LPCWSTR lpPathName, LPCWSTR lpPrefixString, UINT uUnique,
> > > LPWSTR lpTempFileName )
> >
> > *Please* don't change nice readable parameter names into the
> > horrible Hungarian line noise format.
> Sorry, I thought we need to fix parameter names according to
> MSDN :(

Weren't the parameter names an implementation detail that's essentially 
invisible to the api user (docs nothwithstanding)? I.e. there's no such thing 
as 'fixing them' according to MSDN, because the api spec itself has no 
authority over parameter names. Heck, they can be different (or nonexistent) 
in the header files than in implementation files, and so on, right? 

Presumably the names should be nice so that wine maintainers can maintain the 
implementation ;)

Cheers, Kuba

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