Error while compiling code using wineg++ / winegcc on solaris

Kuba Ober kuba at
Mon Mar 6 14:29:56 CST 2006

> I am not able to compile a test program on solaris using winegcc tool.
> Can anybody help?
. . .
> When I try to compile it using winegcc, it gives following error
> message:
> testuser at testbox:~/test >wineg++ test.cpp
> winegcc: -fshort-wchar failed.
> On adding a flag '-v' with wineg++, a detailed error message is
> displayed:
> testuser at testbox:~/test >wineg++ -v test.cpp
. . .

Pardon me, but this kinda looks like wineg++ is not finding the compiler. 
Here's how it looks on my FC4 box with wine 0.9.7:

$ wineg++ -v q.cpp
g++ -fshort-wchar -DWINE_UNICODE_NATIVE . . .

You should investigate why wineg++ doesn't find what the name of the compiler 
is. It tried actually invoking an executable by the name of -fshort-wchar, as 
a session with truss would have shown ;)

Cheers, Kuba

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