System wide registry

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Wed Mar 8 08:01:12 CST 2006

> In WINE user guide I read int the System Administration Tips
> about global registry files (f.i. /usr/local/etc/wine.systemreg)
> But I can't find any code in WINE about it. It is obsoleted now?
> Is it possible to use system wide registry now?
I created an /etc/wine directory with a system.reg, userdef.reg and dosdevices 
file, owned by a user "wine". In the other users .wine directory, there's a 
individual user.reg file, and a symlink to the files in /etc/wine/. The 
virtual c drive is in /opt/windows, owned by wine:users This way, there's a 
system-wide system.reg file, and wine is more or less the admistrator. The 
Linux file permissions prevent others from writing to /opt/windows and 
system.reg. An user can modify HKLM, but the changes won't get written to 
disk and get lost after his wine process terminates.

Theoretically, you can use the root account instead of a special user, but 
it's highly discoraged to run wine as root, due to security concernes. You 
have to be aware that many Windows apps require full access to system 
directories or their install directories, but that's a problem Wine can't 
solve, and Windows suffers from that too.

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