Wine and OS X

Jim White jim at
Wed Mar 8 18:42:35 CST 2006

Segin wrote:

> Obchod id wrote:
>> Hi,
>> There could be at least mention in FAQ about possible OS x version or
>> whether there is no plan.
>> Best wishes
>> Frantisek
> It already exists, but only for Intel Macs (The name 'Wine' is a 
> recursive emulator for Wine Is Not a Emulator, from the fact it doesn't 
> emulate a CPU. Therefore you cannot run x86 Windows programs on a 
> PowerPC Macintosh.)
> OSx86 Wiki entry:
> Darwine project page:

What Obchod said is that the information about Wine on OS X is not 
readily apparent in the FAQ.  While being obscure during the days of 
PowerPC-only OS X, the question now of "What about Wine on OS X?" has 
become quite frequent in the Intel-era and will become more so.

While a download of Wine for Intel OS X is probably still a month or two 
away, updating the FAQ and making a link to it from the Downloads page 
would be the user-friendly thing to do (particularly since there is 
bound to be a flood of inquiries when CodeWeavers makes their CrossOver 
Office release).

Jim White

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