WINED3D: Color fixups for vertex shaders

Roderick Colenbrander thunderbird2k at
Thu Mar 9 09:09:22 CST 2006

> Direct3D stores vertex color data in BGRA order, OpenGL stores it in
> RGBA order. This causes red and blue to be swapped in d3d applications
> when run under wine. This patch fixes this problem for vertex shaders
> by enabling the flag that causes red and blue to be swapped in
> vshader_program_add_input_param_swizzle, when appropriate.
> Changelog:
>   - Enable color fixups for vertex shaders

In my local tree I have some simple d3d8 shaders working. (See for instance and dolphin2.png on windows;
there's some color issue but apart from that it works). This patch causes in
combination with the other vshader patch you sent some drawing issues. Check


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