DDraw->WineD3D refcounting hack

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at gmx.at
Thu Mar 9 13:18:51 CST 2006

I have a a question regarding some code that might be rejected by Alexandre 
when I submit it. The problem is that I have to do an refcount hack in my new 
ddraw code to destroy textures properly. I CC this mail to AJ because it's 
him who has the last word ;)

WineD3D and Direct3D7 have different ideas about handling mipmap textures. In 
d3d7 they are complex surfaces - a bunch of surfaces with a root and 
sublevels. All surfaces in the compound have their own refcount, but they are 
all destroyed when the root is destroyed. In WineD3D there's the texture as a 
container, and the surfaces in the container have their refcount linked to 
the container(See the patch H. Verbeet sent a few days ago).

In d3d7 the application destroys the first surface to release the whole 
texture. My first idea was to Release the WineD3DTexture. It would then call 
the Release method of all the sublevel ddraw surfaces, which would destroy 
them. This works for a correctly written application, but applications call 
GetAttachedSurface for the sublevels, which addrefs, and many do not Release 
the sublevels after GetAttachedSurface(). This leaves the sublevel surfaces 
with a refcount of 2 or more when the root is destroyed. To make sure that 
they are destroyed, I set their refcount to 1 when the root is destroyed. 
When the last reference to the WineD3D Texture is released, wineD3D will 
destroy the sublevel surfaces.

Is such a thing acceptable for Wine? Does anyone have a better solution? If 
you need some code to look at, I'll upload an updated patch to my homepage 

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