May be a bad idea to have Winetools in the next SUSE release

Marcus Meissner meissner at
Thu Mar 9 16:33:00 CST 2006

> > Currently no Winetools developer works closely with the Wine
> > developers to correct problems of interaction between Winetools
> > and Wine.
> What does that mean? We are making a tool to make Windows programs run
> with Wine. We do not develop Wine and our main goal is not to achieve as
> much debugging informations as possible. The goal is to make the usage
> of Wine as easy as possible for users coming from Windows and who are
> customized to point and click interfaces. Again: The goal is not to
> develop Wine. The goal is to use it easy.

Hmm, I have some kind of recommendation here.

What about winetools using ".winetools" as WINEPREFIX setting? 

This would make it possible to keep a ".wine" for the purists, and
".winetools" for the "just get things done" people.

Up to now winetools does not seem to honor a WINEPREFIX setting
(also a bug I think).

Ciao, Marcus

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