"IE5 or higher required". Grr.

Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at kievinfo.com
Sat Mar 11 12:41:29 CST 2006

Saturday, March 11, 2006, 8:27:59 AM, Jeremy White wrote:
>> BTW is there are some particular reason that you have to cc every
>> single bug that you file to wine-devel mailing as well? I'm sorry, but
>> quality of those bugs are not that good really to go directly to
>> wine-devel list. With this particular bug you could at least try to find
>> what is that program looks at to decide if you do have IE installed or
>> not.

> I certainly don't want wine-devel to turn into wine-users,
> but I think you are wrong to lump Dan's emails into that category.

> Dan is a very capable developer; he may not be the most
> accomplished Wine hacker, but he is not without his chops.
> Note that many of the @ucla.edu patches that come to wine-devel
> are from his students.

> Further, I think that Dan is triaging issues that are
> of fairly critical interest to Wine.

> For example, IE dependence is a very hard problem for Wine;
> a lot of programs have that as an issue.  I, for one, am
> grateful to Dan for running with the Windows version
> of Firefox, as it helps us be better ready to understand
> how to use Firefox to solve that problem.

> Further, I happen to know that the Munich considered
> using Wine for their desktop migration, and they felt that
> Wine was 'awful'; so it is very interesting to me, personally,
> to explore why that might be.

> Cheers,

> Jeremy

Ah ok. I want to apologize then. I'm trying to get reasonable bug reports
with enough information so any developer can go in and look without
downloading giga-bytes of stuff to just get something like
WINEDEBUG=warn+all. Also most of the bugs end up being a duplicates of
already known problems.

In this particular case, I won't be surprised if all that software does
is checks for one particular file somewhere in system32 directory. It's
long know outstanding problem. I think if we search bugzilla we will come
up with at least dozen of files that programs check for in this way.

Again, sorry for the extra noise.


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