Francois Gouget : user32: Handle WM_ENDSESSION in DefWinProc().

Rein Klazes wijn at
Sun Mar 12 03:14:09 CST 2006

On Sat, 11 Mar 2006 19:23:14 -0800, you wrote:

>Pardon intrusion by this Wine user into this technical discussion.
>Is the problem with Pegasus Mail (PM) that is mentioned below something that is 
>new with Wine 0.9.9? I know that I saw termination of "the complete program" 
>whenever I sent a message using PM 4.31 and Wine 0.9.9. As a result I've 
>reverted to Wine 0.9.8 and have none of this.

You do not even have to send the message, just closing the compose new
message window is enough. Yes, it is new in 0.9.9.


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